Red Sonja TPB


Red Sonja Vol. 1 Michael Turner coverRed Sonja Vol. 1 Alex Ross cover
Writers Michael Avon Oeming and Mike Carey along with artist Mel Rubi have recreated Sonja for a whole new generation and this is where it all begins! This Dynamite Trade Paperback Collection of the all-new Red Sonja series features:

  • Issues 1-6 and the grand finale of the opening arc, issue #0
  • Cover Gallery: Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Mike Turner, Marc Silvestri, Greg Land, and more
  • Director’s Commentary with the creators
  • A look at Mel Rubi’s original Sonja designs

VOLUME II: Arrowsmiths
Red Sonja Vol. 2 Adam Hughes coverRed Sonja Vol. 2 Jim Lee cover
Dynamite’s Red Sonja continues to impress fans and critics alike issue after issue! Now, the second collection is ready for your bookshelf as Michael Avon Oeming, Mel Rubi, Pablo Marcos, Lee Moder, and Stephen Sadowski unleash the Arrowsmiths!

  • Reprints issues 8-12
  • Features the return of Kulan Gath
  • Includes a complete gallery and bonus material

VOLUME III: The Rise of Gath

Red Sonja Vol. 3
This brand-new Dynamite TPB collects the Red Sonja storyline that forever changed the world of the She-Devil with a Sword as Sonja faces THE RETURN OF KULAN GATH!
After the events of issue #12, Red Sonja faced the growing menace of an unseen Kulan Gath as he operated from behind the shadows through his puppet god, the Borat Na-Fori! Now, in these very pages, Gath’s true play will be revealed and Sonja and her companions will be left reeling and stranded half a world away when it’s all over!

  • Reprints issues 13-18
  • Complete cover gallery
  • Sketch material

VOLUME IV: Animals & More

Red Sonja Vol. 4
The fourth volume of Red Sonja She-Devil with a Sword is here as Michael Avon Oeming and Homs unleash the “animals” and more!
In Animals (issues 19-21): Kulan Gath is in control of the land, with Sonja and her companions sent to the other side of the globe. Here they encounter strange new lands and beasts as they decide to either continue the quest against Gath or cast their fates to this strange new world, a world of the “Animals”!
In The Long Way Home (issues 22-24): Sonja and crew, joined by new companions and Warriors from the mysterious land, head back to battle the growing power and armies of Kulan Gath. But the voyage home will not be an easy one as the encounter an Old God of the Sea, undead pirates and clash with Valera, the pirate queen and her pirate crew!

VOLUME V: World on Fire

Red Sonja Vol. 5
Month in and month out, readers are captivated with the adventures of the beautiful Red Sonja and her cast of allies and villains! Now, writer Michael Avon Oeming sets the stage for the next exciting series of events as Sonja bring the battle back to Hyboria to face the growing power of Kulan Gath!
New allies are revealed, old allies lost and villains abound as Sonja battles her way back and faces a “World on Fire”! Oeming is joined again by Homs (while artist Mel Rubi works on the Spider-Man/Red Sonja cross-over), co-writer Brian Reed and a series of incredible cover artists!

  • Reprints issues 25-29
  • Complete cover gallery


Red Sonja Vol. 6
The She-Devil with a Sword sacrificed herself to rid the age of the villainy of Kulan Gath and now finds herself travelling the river of the dead, a mysterious boatkeeper her only companion, as her life and past events swirl in the darkness around her!
Featuring five incredible issues by five incredible creative teams, the events of this volume set the stage for the next thrilling set of Red Sonja comic book events!
Volume Six of Dynamite’s Red Sonja contains issues 30-34 along with a complete cover gallery featuring the work of Alex Ross, Fabiano Neves, Luke Ross, Paul Renaud, Nat Jones, Ken Kelly, Mel Rubi, Adriano Batista and more!

VOLUME VII: Born Again

Red Sonja Vol. 7
“Know this, reader of these texts – Red Sonja has perished! Fallen in battle with the vile sorcerer Kulan Gath, Sonja gave her life to save all of Hyboria.
For a time, the red-maned warrior did journey through Hades at the side of the boatsman Charon. Here, she did learn the truth of her own creation at the hands of the false Goddess Scathach.
Twenty winters have passed since last Sonja walked the land. However, now that she has returned, her new incarnation has yet to learn the truth of her existence, or the reason for her miraculous rebirth.” — The Nemedian Chronicles

Everything you knew about Red Sonja and her world was forever changed when the She-Devil battled Kulan Gath to the death! Now, following her trip to Hades, the spirit of the She-Devil is reborn, though the world around her has forever changed! A perfect jumping on point for new readers, as well as an incredible continuation to the readers that have been there since issue #0! Written by Brian (Ms. Marvel) Reed with art by Walter (Savage Tales) Geovani and reprinting issues 35-40 for the very first time. Also includes a complete cover gallery.


VOLUME VIII: Blood Dynasty

Red Sonja Vol. 8
Twenty winters have passed since last Sonja walked the land. However, now that she has returned, her new incarnation self has yet to learn the truth of her existence, or the reason for her miraculous rebirth… So begins the odyssey of the “Blood Dynasty” (Red Sonja #41-49) by Brian Reed and Walter Gevoanni, reprinted here for the very first time in one massive collection! This ambitious story features Sonja as you’ve never seen her before, as the series takes a thrilling turn towards the mysterious, while maintaining a classic sense of adventure! Also features a complete cover gallery.

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