Queen Sonja Vol. 5

Here’s a preview of the Queen Sonja Vol. 5: Ascendancy trade paperback. It is in stores now.

Queen Sonja Vol. 5Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 1Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 2Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 3Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 4Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 5Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 6Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 7Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 8Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 9Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 10Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 11Queen Sonja Vol. 5 Page 12

Ever since she took the throne of Sogoria, Sonja’s journey has been leading to something greater still. Her small kingdom threw off the shackles of an empire only to see terrorism, revolt, and finally the brutality of Thulsa Doom. Starved, shocked, and near desperation, Sonja’s people now openly revolt against her rule. She turns to the only wealthy Baron to levy taxes and feed the people, but he has a better idea — attack the empire! Open assault on the Emoran Empire is suicide, but to Sonja war is a form of art. Through the skillful use of deception, assassination, and manipulation, she plunges the fiefdoms of Emora into confusion and chaos, while feeding her tiny kingdom off Emoran crops. This is only the first act, her real designs are on the crown itself, and the reformation of the corrupt Empire, with her atop the throne as Empress Sonja!

Collection Features:
• Issues 21–25 of the hit series by Luke Lieberman and Fritz Casas.
• All of the beautiful covers by artists Lucio Parrillo, Jonathan Lau, Adriano Batista, Igor Vitorino and Chasen Grieshop.

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