Prophecy #7

Here’s a preview of Prophecy #7. It is in stores now.

Prophecy #7Prophecy #7 Page 1Prophecy #7 Page 2Prophecy #7 Page 3Prophecy #7 Page 4Prophecy #7 Page 5

The fate of the world balances on the edge of Red Sonja’s blade! Will Sonja, Vampirella, Dracula and the rest of their allies be able to destroy Kulan Gath forever, or will his Army of Darkness triumph? Sonja and Vampirella will never be the same, as crossover kings Ron Marz and Walter Geovani reveal one last surprise. Is this the end… or just the beginning?

One Response to “Prophecy #7”

  1. That was a fun story, which I am happy to see will be picked up in the main title. It’s going to be a fun twist of a storyline for Red Sonja. This and the mini Red Sonja: Unchained are two story lines that have made a great start to the new year.

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