Queen Sonja Vol. 4

Here’s a preview of Queen Sonja Vol. 4. The trade paperback is in stores today.

Queen Sonja Vol. 4Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 1Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 2Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 3Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 4Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 5Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 6Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 7Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 8Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 9Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 10Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 11Queen Sonja Vol. 4 Page 12

Red Sonja is secure at last as queen of the tiny nation of Sogaria. Rebel princes, greedy emperors, fiendish intrigues – she’s bested them all. But a new danger is rising up from the depths of the Earth itself. Thulsa Doom, Sonja’s hated nemesis, has been rotting in the stygian darkness and nursing his enmity for the flame-haired queen since Sonja cast him down there many years ago. Set, Thulsa’s evil god, calls out to him, promising him vengeance if Doom will free his god from an ancient prison. You can be sure Thulsa is up to the task, and when Set is free, all hell breaks loose in Sogaria. But what about the mysterious plans Set is hiding from Thulsa Doom? And what about Red Sonja? She’s not giving up her kingdom without a fight! When fantasy’s greatest heroine and greatest villain clash, sparks and blood are guaranteed to fly. Magic, mystery, carnage and mayhem await all those who dare to read Queen Sonja Volume Four: Son of Set!

Collection Features:
• Issues 16 through 20 of the hit series by Arvid Nelson (Warlord Of Mars) and Edgar Salazar (Project Superpowers).
• All of the beautiful covers by artists Fabiano Neves (Marvel Zombies vs the Army of Darkness), Carlos Rafael (Buck Rogers) and Patrick Berkenkotter (The Torch)!

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