Red Sonja Vol. 10

Here’s a preview of the Red Sonja Vol. 10: Machineries of Empire trade paperback. It is in stores today.

Red Sonja Vol. 10Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 1Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 2Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 3Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 4Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 5Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 6Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 7Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 8Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 9Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 10Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 11Red Sonja Vol. 10 Page 12

In a savage, violent world, it takes a strong sword arm and quick wits to survive…

Red Sonja — mercenary, thief, and slayer — arrives in Khorshemish, capital city of the mighty nation of Koth. With enemies on all sides, the She-Devil With a Sword finds herself at a crossroads between rival families, all vying for the kingdom’s throne. Amid such intrigues, there’s always a chance for profit, and Sonja’s roll of the dice throws her into a snakepit of old grudges, ancient magicks, and arcane sciences…with the fate of a kingdom at stake.

Written by Eric Trautmann (Vampirella, Action Comics) and illustrated by Noah Salonga (Xena) and Patrick Berkenkotter (Torch).

Collection Features:
• Issues 56 through 60 of the hit series by Eric Trautmann, Noah Salonga and Patrick Berkenkotter.
• All of the beautiful covers by artists Walter Geovani, Paul Renaud, and Fabiano Neves!

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