Prophecy #1

Here’s a preview of Prophecy #1. It is out in stores today.

Prophecy #1Prophecy #1 Page 1Prophecy #1 Page 2Prophecy #1 Page 3Prophecy #1 Page 4Prophecy #1 Page 5Prophecy #1 Page 6Prophecy #1 Page 7Prophecy #1 Page 8

In 2012, the Mayan doomsday prophecy is coming to pass, and the end of the world makes for strange allies. Vampirella, Red Sonja, Kulan Gath, Dracula, Eva, Herbert West The Re-Animator, Alan Quatermain, Athena, Dorian Gray, Purgatory, Pantha and many more choose sides and clash in battles that will decide the fate of the Earth and all of mankind. Will the forces of good be able to stop the end of days? Or will an army of darkness rise?

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