Canadian Cosplayer Gillian as Red Sonja

Here is a picture of cosplayer Gillian in her Red Sonja costume at the Toronto Cosplay Picnic in July 2011. Check out her other costumes on her deviantArt page.
Special thanks to Stillvisions for the use of their photo.
Copyright Kevin/Stillvisions

Gillian’s comments on the construction of her costume:
This costume was a collaboration between my good friend ~Stargazer-Gemini and I. He is responsible for all my lovely chainmail sections.
The bikini top is a custom built suede bra with scale maille sections sewed on top. The pauldrons are made from craft foam and heat formed into shape. The pauldrons are attached to the bikini with Velcro. The necklace is made by me.
The bottoms are made with a leather look fabric and stiff interfacing for the ‘belt’ section. There are 2″ gold hoops on each side. The scale maille is lined with a black cotton to avoid chainmail bites and generally make things more comfortable.

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