Red Sonja #64

Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja #64 on sale February 22.

Red Sonja #64 Walter Geovani coverRed Sonja #64 Wagner Reis coverRed Sonja #64 Page 1Red Sonja #64 Page 2Red Sonja #64 Page 3Red Sonja #64 Page 4Red Sonja #64 Page 5Red Sonja #64 Page 6Red Sonja #64 Page 7Red Sonja #64 Page 8

The She-Devil With A Sword has traveled from pastoral Shem to strife-torn Koth and now, into the dark heart of Stygia itself. Sonja’s quest: a lost weapon of terrifying power, and perhaps, some measure of atonement. But the sinister schemes of the Phaorah’s own witch, Azenathi, may only bring Red Sonja death.

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