Red Sonja #63

Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja #63 on sale February 8.

Red Sonja #63 Walter Geovani coverRed Sonja #63 Wagner Reis coverRed Sonja #63 Page 1Red Sonja #63 Page 2Red Sonja #63 Page 3Red Sonja #63 Page 4Red Sonja #63 Page 5Red Sonja #63 Page 6Red Sonja #63 Page 7Red Sonja #63 Page 8

There are countless secrets buried in the time-lost sands of Stygia, a land of dark magic and powerful gods…and it will take all of Red Sonja’s skill and daring to avoid being buried with them. The She-Devil With A Sword has faced numerous foes and bested them all, but now she faces her toughest enemy yet: the consequences of her past actions. Traveling to a hidden fortress deep in the Stygian desert, she faces a cabal of zealots and the kin of a fallen enemy. Her goal: a long-hidden weapon of terrible destructive power, which may also be the key to Red Sonja’s redemption…

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