Red Sonja: Raven

Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja: Raven on sale January 18.

Red Sonja: Raven Frank Martin Jr. coverRed Sonja: Raven Page 1Red Sonja: Raven Page 2Red Sonja: Raven Page 3Red Sonja: Raven Page 4Red Sonja: Raven Page 5

The goddess Scathach places her blessings upon a new warrior, Raven, who dedicates herself to the advancement of women all across the land. But when Red Sonja finds herself investigating a series of massacres, she begins to suspect that Raven isn’t quite as noble as she seems in the pursuit of her cause. Surrounded by an army of women ready to draw blood in her name, Raven may be the one foe that Sonja cannot defeat — and she may not want to!

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