The Top 5 Red Sonja Moments of 2011

The Nemedian Chronicles count down the top 5 Red Sonja moments from 2011.

The Top 5 Red Sonja Moments of 2011

Issue: Queen Sonja #13
Sonja spends the night with Kain

After the murder of her family, Sonja survived on the streets by taking whatever she desired, whether it be food from merchants or jewelry from the rich. Her profession as a thief soon crosses the path of Jubal. Captured, Sonja finds herself at Jubal’s home for thieves, and meets Kain, his best student. Jubal offers a challenge: defeat Kain in single combat and he will return the jewels Sonja stole from Lady Fellon. If she loses she will become Jubal’s ward for a year. Sonja fights Kain and loses. Not particularly fond of losing, she fights him all night and for weeks after, but gets defeated again and again. Despite hating getting bested by Kain in combat, Sonja falls in love with him.

Sonja and Kain become inseparable, and in one of their adventures together they bring attention to Jubal a score that could bring them unimaginable fortune. They make out with their loot but Sonja and Kain are betrayed by Jubal and left to fend for themselves. In a twist of fate Jubal and his band of child thieves are taken by Lord Fellon as they enter the city.

Sonja and Kain learn of their capture and commit to risk their own lives to save the children. Aware they might die during their attempt to rescue them, Sonja and Kain spend what could be their last night together consummating their relationship.

Issue: Queen Sonja #14
The origin of the chainmail bikini

After spending the night together, Kain asks Sonja whether they are still going through with rescuing the children from Lord Fellon. When she confirms they are, he gives her with a present: a chainmail bikini. Though Kain admits to having ulterior motives at the time he took it, he sees it as a useful disguise for Sonja to help them more easily get into Fellon’s dungeons. The disguise works and the two lovers leave a trail of death as they make their way underground. So begins the legend of Red Sonja and her equally legendary armor.

Issue: Red Sonja: Revenge of the Gods #5
Red Sonja slays Surtr

Feeling his father Odin has long denied him a throne that was rightfully his, Loki sets forth a plan to burn it to the ground. To aid his scheme Loki unleashes his father’s greatest foe, Surtr. Thor tries to stop the towering giant but falls in battle. With Surtr continually bringing death across the land, all eyes lay upon Sonja to end his reign of destruction. The She-Devil is more than up to the task as she goes on to take the giant down and finish him off.

Issue: Red Sonja #55
Sonja shows who's boss

Despite boasts of her skills with a blade, Olag is reluctant to let Sonja join his band of mercenaries. She decides to prove herself by issuing a challenge to the men to fight her. To make it fair Sonja tells Olag she will take them on unarmed. As she removes her weapons the mercenaries are more interested in ogling the half-naked woman than take her seriously. It is only after they’re all on the ground whipped do they realize how skillful their latest teammate, and newly appointed captain, really is.

Issue: Red Sonja: Blue
Red Sonja back in blue

Trying to earn money to fill her belly, Sonja takes a job to locate the innkeeper’s missing son. Searching the dungeon of an old tower, Sonja finds a wizard ready to sacrifice the young man to a blue-furred demon named Bhamothes. Sonja stops the sacrifice and in the process of saving the boy, gets her chainmail top ripped off. No time for concerns of modesty Sonja fights Bhamothes topless before she finally beheads him. With her top damaged, Sonja fashions herself an outfit from the demon’s pelt. Decades after its last appearance the blue furred bikini makes a return to the pages of Red Sonja!

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  1. Nice!I like this 🙂

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