Red Sonja #60

Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja #60 on sale December 14.

Red Sonja #60 Fabiano Neves coverRed Sonja #60 Walter Geovani coverRed Sonja #60 Page 1Red Sonja #60 Page 2Red Sonja #60 Page 3Red Sonja #60 Page 4Red Sonja #60 Page 5

Khorshemish — the seat of power of the mighty nation of Koth — mourns the passing of its aged King, and Red Sonja wants nothing more than to put the kingdom behind her. Embroiled in palace intrigues, assassination and ancient magicks, it’s almost too much for a pay-soldier to take. But now, a new ruler ascends to the throne, and his rise to power could spell war for all the Hyborian kingdoms. And in the chaos, old enemies are bent on settling bloody scores with the She-Devil With A Sword…

Extra sized anniversary issue featuring 28 pages of original story as well as reprints of Red Sonja’s early adventures!

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