More photos of Mandy as Red Sonja at NY Comic Con

Here are more pictures of Mandy in her Red Sonja costume at the New York Comic Con. On her Tumblr blog The Grind Haus Mandy describes herself as a “21 year old fashion design student/drawing enthusiast/left-handed oddity in NYC”. Click here for her comments on cosplaying for the first time at Comic Con and how she made her Red Sonja costume.
Special thanks to Mrogaan with helping to identify her.

2 Responses to “More photos of Mandy as Red Sonja at NY Comic Con”

  1. Mandy does a beautiful job capturing the spirit and vibe of Red Sonja (better than Nielsen did as an actress). If she is interested, I have some advice so she can do an even better, Hollywood-level job (from solidly good to ultra-wow!):

    1) High-end fitness training to build more sculpted muscle (but not bodybuilder level). Sonja encountered in real life wouldn’t have an advertising model build, she would look more like a competitive fitness model with tough arms from all the swordfighting.

    2) Homework on Eastern European medieval culture and sociology. If she can tap into the vibe of Slavic cultures, it would bring the Sonja look into true immersion. Sonja is Hyrkanian, which was Howard’s take on medieval Slavic culture.

    Great job, Mandy. My advice is only intended to get you to an even higher level with this impressionism.

    • Red Sunstone Says:

      Hey Portal, it’s effing cosplay! and she’s absolutely amazing. Do you think she is going to modify her body to adapt to your standards? cos-play, PLAY! pretend! fun! Bravo Mandy! Beautiful, incredibly fit and among the best cosplays I’ve seen.

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