Dynamite’s Solicitations for January 2012

Red Sonja #66
Red Sonja #66 Walter Geovani coverRed Sonja #66 John Watson cover
Written by Eric Trautmann, art by Walter Geovani, covers by Walter Geovani and John Watson.

The final, bloody showdown over the cursed Horn of Nergal is at hand! To stand fast against an army of Stygian assassins, and the sinister machinations of the Priestess Azanathi, will require all of Red Sonja’s considerable skill. But is the She-Devil’s martial prowess enough to win the day, and perhaps, a measure of redemption, or will the Horn’s curse cost Sonja everything?

Queen Sonja #27
Queen Sonja #27 Lucio Parrillo coverQueen Sonja #27 Igor Vitorino cover
Written by Luke Lieberman, art by Milton Estevam, covers by Igor Vitorino and Lucio Parrillo.

When you move to strike Empress Sonja you had better not miss, because you only get one shot. Then it is her turn. Meanwhile Xander and Melea penetrate Koliostri’s growing cult, and learn its secrets.

Red Sonja: Raven
Red Sonja: Raven
Written by Marc Mason, art by Lui Antonio, cover by Frank Martin Jr.

The goddess Scathach places her blessings upon a new warrior, Raven, who dedicates herself to the advancement of women all across the land. But when Red Sonja finds herself investigating a series of massacres, she begins to suspect that Raven isn’t quite as noble as she seems in the pursuit of her cause. Surrounded by an army of women ready to draw blood in her name, Raven may be the one foe that Sonja cannot defeat — and she may not want to!

2 Responses to “Dynamite’s Solicitations for January 2012”

  1. ChastMastr Says:

    THis is a dumb question, but where do you find these? I’m glad to know of the REH stuff but I’d love to see the rest of their solicitations too.

  2. Hello just thought i would tell you one thing.. It is 2 times now i’ve landed on your website within the last 3 days hunting for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

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