Queen Sonja #19

Here’s an advance look at Queen Sonja #19 on sale August 24.

Queen Sonja #19 Fabiano Neves coverQueen Sonja #19 Carlos Rafael coverQueen Sonja #19 Page 1Queen Sonja #19 Page 2Queen Sonja #19 Page 3Queen Sonja #19 Page 4Queen Sonja #19 Page 5

Things are reaching a breaking point for Sonja and her one-time ally, the Cimmerian mercenary Ryakin. Meanwhile, Thulsa Doom continues working to free his dark god, Set, from his imprisonment. Set is hiding something from Thulsa, but not to worry… Thulsa is hiding something from Set, too! A desperate battle in the wilderness and an unexpected reversal of fortunes — and loyalties — awaits in the blood-and-guts packed penultimate issue of Son of Set.

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