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Red Sonja #57

Posted in Comics, Previews on August 29, 2011 by nemedian bard

Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja #57 on sale August 31.

Red Sonja #57 Fabiano Neves coverRed Sonja #57 Walter Geovani coverRed Sonja #57 Page 1Red Sonja #57 Page 2Red Sonja #57 Page 3Red Sonja #57 Page 4Red Sonja #57 Page 5

Red Sonja’s wanderings have brought her to Koth and a gathering blood feud amongst that kingdom’s ruling families. With deception lurking in every shadow, and the fate of a nation at stake, what better place is there for a sword for hire?

Queen Sonja #19

Posted in Comics, Previews on August 22, 2011 by nemedian bard

Here’s an advance look at Queen Sonja #19 on sale August 24.

Queen Sonja #19 Fabiano Neves coverQueen Sonja #19 Carlos Rafael coverQueen Sonja #19 Page 1Queen Sonja #19 Page 2Queen Sonja #19 Page 3Queen Sonja #19 Page 4Queen Sonja #19 Page 5

Things are reaching a breaking point for Sonja and her one-time ally, the Cimmerian mercenary Ryakin. Meanwhile, Thulsa Doom continues working to free his dark god, Set, from his imprisonment. Set is hiding something from Thulsa, but not to worry… Thulsa is hiding something from Set, too! A desperate battle in the wilderness and an unexpected reversal of fortunes — and loyalties — awaits in the blood-and-guts packed penultimate issue of Son of Set.

Red Sonja Vol. 9

Posted in Books, Comics, Previews on August 11, 2011 by nemedian bard

Here’s a preview of the Red Sonja Vol. 9: War Season trade paperback out in stores now.

Red Sonja Vol. 9: War Season TPBRed Sonja Vol. 9 Page 1Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 2Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 3Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 4Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 5Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 6Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 7Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 8Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 9Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 10Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 11Red Sonja Vol. 9 Page 12

From the bitter seed of a doomed rebellion in Argos comes a harvest of blood, with RED SONJA at its heart.

Red Sonja — serving in a mercenary company employed by a rogue Argossean prince — is sent on a last-ditch, desperate mission across the border into Shem. Her mission is more than it seems, as Sonja leads her mercenary allies into a quest for a deadly secret hidden within the walls of the city-state, Persemhia.

But others seek this mysterious prize as well, as the armies of Koth and Argos mass to crush Red Sonja’s ragtag band. It will take more than skill with a blade for any to survive this deadly season of war…

Written by Eric Trautmann (Vampirella, Action Comics) and illustrated by Walter Geovani (Vampirella) and Patrick Berkenkotter (Torch), “War Season” ushers in a new chapter of Red Sonja’s celebrated history.

Collection Features:
• Issues 51 through 55 of the Red Sonja ongoing series
• A complete cover gallery featuring art by Joseph Michael Linsner, Paul Renaud, Michael Avon Oeming, Walter Geovani & More!