Queen Sonja Vol. 2

Here’s an advance look at Queen Sonja Vol. 2 on sale July 6.

Queen Sonja Vol. 2Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 1Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 2Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 3Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 4Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 5Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 6Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 7Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 8Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 9Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 10Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 11Queen Sonja Vol. 2 Page 12

Red Sonja has seized the crown of the tiny nation of Sogaria. She finds herself plunged into a dark world of intrigue, rivalry and assassination. Lord Ariok, foremost of the rebellious lords of eastern Sogaria, takes the opportunity of her ascension to incite a rebellion against the new queen. The signs are unclear, but it’s possible Ariok is the one prophesied to defeat Sonja and take her for a wife. Sonja, much to her surprise, finds herself charmed by Ariok, and by his little sister, Alethia. But what of the terrible, demonic sword Ariok wields, and the grisly murders that follow in his wake?

Collection Features:
• Issues 6 through 10 of the She-Devil’s second ongoing series
• All of the beautiful covers by artists Lucio Parrillo, Jack Herbert and Mel Rubi!

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