Queen Sonja #17

Here’s an advance look at Queen Sonja #17 on sale June 1.

Queen Sonja #17 Fabiano Neves coverQueen Sonja #17 Carlos Rafael coverQueen Sonja #17 Page 1Queen Sonja #17 Page 2Queen Sonja #17 Page 3Queen Sonja #17 Page 4Queen Sonja #17 Page 5

Thulsa Doom rises from the hellish depths to smash Sonja’s palace. Normally Sonja would be up to the challenge, but in her weakened state she’ll be lucky just to escape with all her limbs attached. Either way, Doom owes a heavy debt to his god Set for his new-found power. Set didn’t revive Thulsa out of charity; it needs the undead sorcerer to carry out a horrific rite that can only be performed once every thousand years. The results of this dark ritual? Only Set knows the full truth.

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