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Amber Heard on the Lead Role in Red Sonja

Posted in Movies on February 28, 2011 by nemedian bard

Amber Heard had this to say about the Red Sonja role in a recent interview with Moviefone:

“I was sort of surprised to hear about it, yeah. I think (producer) Avi (Lerner) even said himself, “She doesn’t know it yet.” So I was surprised, but also it’s something I’ve been looking at for a while and kind of interested in. I’m definitely interested in being a part of it, but that’s all I can kind of comment on right now.”

Amber Heard from Drive Angry

Red Sonja #55

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Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja #55 on sale March 2.

Red Sonja #55 Patrick Berkenkotter coverRed Sonja #55 Michael Avon Oeming coverRed Sonja #55 Walter Geovani coverRed Sonja #55 Page 1Red Sonja #55 Page 2Red Sonja #55 Page 3Red Sonja #55 Page 4Red Sonja #55 Page 5

What do you do when the war is over and your comrades are dead on the battlefield? You find the nearest tavern and drink a toast: “To Absent Friends.” Red Sonja considers her next move after the deadly conflicts in Shem (issues #51-#54), but where there’s a tavern, there’s some drunken fool who starts a fight…

Amber Heard as Red Sonja in Movie Poster

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On news that Amber Heard was producer Avi Lerner’s favorite to be the new Red Sonja, Cure4 created a mock movie poster with the actress in the chainmail bikini on his deviantArt page.
Amber Heard as Red Sonja in mock movie poster

Newsarama Reviews Queen Sonja #14

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Queen Sonja #14 is reviewed by David Pepose on Newsarama.

Dynamite’s Solicitations for May 2011

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Dynamite Entertainment posted their solicitations for May 2011. There are five Red Sonja items:

Red Sonja #60
Red Sonja #60 Fabiano Neves coverRed Sonja #60 Walter Geovani cover
Written by Eric Trautmann, art by Patrick Berkenkotter, covers by Fabiano Neves and Walter Geovani.

Khorshemish — the seat of power of the mighty nation of Koth — mourns the passing of its aged King, and Red Sonja wants nothing more than to put the kingdom behind her. Embroiled in palace intrigues, assassination and ancient magicks, it’s almost too much for a pay-soldier to take.

But now, a new ruler ascends to the throne, and his rise to power could spell war for all the Hyborian kingdoms. And in the chaos, old enemies are bent on settling bloody scores with the She-Devil With A Sword…

Extra sized anniversary issue featuring 28 pages of original story as well as reprints of Red Sonja’s early adventures!

Queen Sonja #20
Queen Sonja #20 Fabiano Neves cover
Written by Arvid Nelson, art by Edgar Salazar, covers by Fabiano Neves and Patrick Berkenkotter.

Queen Sonja rides hard for her capital. She’ll take it back from Thulsa Doom or die trying. Thulsa only needs to delay her long enough to perform the ritual that will free his evil god, Set, from his ancient prison. But Set is hiding a terrible secret from Thulsa, a secret that could mean the doom of all Hyboria. Cosmos-shattering revelations, bloody duels and a dark reckoning between Sonja and the darkest forces of the interstellar gulfs await in the final installment of the “Son of Set” story arc!

Red Sonja: Revenge of the Gods #4
Red Sonja: Revenge of the Gods #4
Written by Luke Lieberman, art by Daniel Sampere, cover by Lucio Parrillo.

Loki has unlocked the gates of hell, and Ragnorok ravages the land. Thor and Sonja struggle to hold back the tide of evil, but this doom is larger then both them. Can they stop Loki before the tree of life is felled and the world is remade in the devil’s image?

Red Sonja Volume 2 Omnibus
Red Sonja Volume 2 Omnibus
Written by Michael Avon Oeming and more, art by Homs, Fabiano Neves, Mel Rubi and more, cover by Sean Chen.

Kulan Gath controls the land. Red Sonja and her companions have been sent to the other side of the globe. Now the She-Devil must battle her way across Hyboria, encountering strange animal-men, vicious undead pirates, mysterious sea creatures and more to end the dark sorcerer’s reign of terror. New allies are revealed, old allies are lost, and villains abound as Sonja comes face-to-face for the final time with Kulan Gath in a battle that can only end with the death of Red Sonja!

This omnibus features issues #19-34 of the series, as well as a complete cover gallery by some of the biggest and best in the industry: Alex Ross, Sean Chen, Arthur Adams, David Mack, Ariel Olivetti, Paul Renaud, Ken Kelly, Frank Brunner and more!

The Adventures of Red Sonja Vol. 4
The Adventures of Red Sonja Vol. 4
Written by Roy Thomas, more, art by Frank Thorne, more, covers by Frank Thorne

The fourth volume in the best-selling collection featuring the classic Marvel Comics adventures of Red Sonja, She Devil With a Sword! Presenting the definitive and newly remastered interior color art! Volume four features stories from Savage Sword of Conan and for the first time in color, the final issue of Red Sonja’s initial Marvel series. These tales are where it all begins, and help set the stage for the current Red Sonja series from Dynamite!

Queen Sonja #14

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Here’s an advance look at Queen Sonja #14 on sale February 23.

Queen Sonja #14 Fabiano Neves coverQueen Sonja #14 Carlos Rafael coverQueen Sonja #14 Page 1Queen Sonja #14 Page 2Queen Sonja #14 Page 3Queen Sonja #14 Page 4Queen Sonja #14 Page 5

From wild child, to thief, to warrior – the metamorphosis is nearly complete as Sonja and Kain confront Lord Fellon in his lair. A suicide mission, but they must atone for their sins. And what of Jubal, their master, where do his loyalties lay? A thrilling episode that strikes at the heart of Red Sonja’s psyche!

Red Sonja #51 Script

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Writer Eric Trautmann posted the script to Red Sonja #51 on his website. The 55-page document also includes Walter Geovani’s character design art.

Red Sonja character design artRogatino character design artDimitri character design artValkos character design artWurkest character design artCavvalus character design art