Queen Sonja #11

Here’s an advance look at Queen Sonja #11 on sale November 3.

Queen Sonja #11 Lucio Parrillo coverQueen Sonja #11 Mel Rubi coverQueen Sonja #11 Page 1Queen Sonja #11 Page 2Queen Sonja #11 Page 3Queen Sonja #11 Page 4Queen Sonja #11 Page 5

Roots – explores a time before Sonja was a queen, before she was a legend, a time when she was just a girl lost in a big brutal world. An orphan whose parents were butchered in front of her, and whose innocence was stolen. A girl with something to prove, running from the past into the great unknown.

One Response to “Queen Sonja #11”

  1. After rebounding with #10, they completely go south with this issue#11. Bad art and I wasn’t where Rubi was going with the character designs here. Seems all Red Sonja monthly issues are hit or miss these days.

    Maybe they should just stick with mini-series and one-shots?

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