Dynamite’s Solicitations for December 2010

Dynamite Entertainment posted their solicitations for the month of December. There are two Red Sonja items:

Red Sonja #56
Red Sonja #56 Paul Renaud cover
Written by Eric Trautmann, art by Walter Geovani, covers by Paul Renaud and Walter Geovani.

Following the deadly events in Shem, Red Sonja makes her way to Koth – and a family dispute between rival princes, all keen to seize the throne. And amid the intrigue and the skullduggery, assassins lurk: enemies, loyal to an old adversary that will stop at nothing until the She-Devil with a Sword is dead.

Queen Sonja #15
Queen Sonja #15 Fabiano Neves cover
Written by Luke Lieberman, art by Mel Rubi, covers by Fabiano Neves and Carlos Rafael.

One of the defining moments in Sonja’s life comes to its thrilling conclusion! She is forged into the warrior of legend by love, loss, revenge, and pain. There is nothing left to lose, she will walk in the path of the Goddess, but first she will walk knee deep in her enemies blood.

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