Red Sonja #50

Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja #50 on sale June 9.

Red Sonja #50 Art Adams coverRed Sonja #50 Joseph Michael Linsner coverRed Sonja #50 Johnny Desjardins coverRed Sonja #50 Joe Jusko coverRed Sonja #50 Page 1Red Sonja #50 Page 2Red Sonja #50 Page 3Red Sonja #50 Page 4Red Sonja #50 Page 5Red Sonja #50 Page 6Red Sonja #50 Page 7Red Sonja #50 Page 8Red Sonja #50 Page 9

A special anniversary issue because YOU demanded it! When Dynamite made the move to the Queen Sonja series, fans were left without their 50th anniversary issue! No More! In the vein of Marvel’s Thor #600 and Amazing Spider-Man #600 – featuring 100 pages of story and art, including new stories from Arvid Nelson, Kevin McCarthy, Raven Gregory as well as reprinting classic stories by Roy Thomas and all!

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