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Queen Sonja #11 Rubi Cover Preview

Posted in Art, Comics, Previews on June 30, 2010 by nemedian bard

Here is a preview of Mel Rubi’s cover for Queen Sonja #11.

Queen Sonja #11 Mel Rubi cover preview

Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5

Posted in Comics, Previews on June 28, 2010 by nemedian bard

Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5 on sale June 30.

Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5 Page 1Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5 Page 2Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5 Page 3Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5 Page 4Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5 Page 5

Will Sonja, Thor and Gamble be able to take down both Loki and Odin, the All-Father? Gods and the She-Devil clash in the earth-shattering conclusion of Wrath of the Gods!

Dynamite’s September 2010 Solicitations

Posted in Comics, Solicitations on June 22, 2010 by nemedian bard

Dynamite Entertainment posted their solicitations for the month of September. There are four Red Sonja items:

Red Sonja #53
Red Sonja #53 Paul Renaud cover
Written by Eric Trautman, art by Walter Geovani, covers by Paul Renaud and Geovani.

Trautmann takes over Red Sonja as she goes on another magical adventure. This is a great entry point for everyone’s favorite She-Devil With a Sword!

Queen Sonja #12
Queen Sonja #12 Fabiano Neves coverQueen Sonja #12 Carlos Rafael cover
Written by Luke Lieberman, art by Mel Rubi, covers by Fabiano Neves and Carlos Rafael.

Before she was a queen or a warrior, before she was Red Sonja, she was a thief known only as “Red.” Her pride and skill are put to the test by a new partner in crime. Together they discover corruption deep in the heart of Dah-Disha and in the gamble find each other.

Classic Red Sonja “Re-Mastered” #4
Written by Roy Thomas, art by Esteban Maroto.

The classic series written by the legendary writer Roy Thomas continues! Joined by artist Esteban Maroto, this comic is re-mastered in color for the first time ever!

Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods Volume 1 Softcover
Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods Volume 1 Softcover
Written by Luke Lieberman, Ethan Ryker, art by Walter Giovannu, Lucio Parrillo, cover by Parrillo.

Follow the She-Devil with a Sword in a classic tale of the primordial gods themselves as Red Sonja faces the Wrath of the Gods! Wrath of the Gods explores the mysteries of Sonja’s past, while presenting her with the malicious threat of Loki in the present! Can Thor, the God of Thunder, and Odin, the All-Father, aid the warrior woman and prevent their fellow god from destroying the world? Collects issues #1-5, along with all of Parrillo’s covers!

Red Sonja Sales for May 2010

Posted in Comics, Sales on June 21, 2010 by nemedian bard

Diamond Comics Distributors released sales estimates for comics and trade paperbacks sold in the direct market for May 2010. The numbers are from sales within the Diamond channel and do not take into account data from newsstands, book stores or overseas market. Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #4 ranked 195 with 7,150 copies sold.

Red Sonja Annual #3 Review

Posted in Comics, Reviews on June 17, 2010 by nemedian bard

Comic Vine has a review of Red Sonja Annual #3.

Red Sonja Annual #3

Red Sonja #50 Review

Posted in Comics, Reviews on June 16, 2010 by nemedian bard

There’s a quick review of Red Sonja #50 on Comixtreme.

Red Sonja #50

Red Sonja Annual #3 & Classic Red Sonja Re-Mastered #1

Posted in Comics, Previews on June 14, 2010 by nemedian bard

Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja Annual #3 and Classic Red Sonja Re-Mastered #1 on sale June 16.

Red Sonja Annual #3Red Sonja Annual #3 Page 1Red Sonja Annual #3 Page 2Red Sonja Annual #3 Page 3Red Sonja Annual #3 Page 4Red Sonja Annual #3 Page 5Red Sonja Annual #3 Page 6Red Sonja Annual #3 Page 7

On her way through a mountain pass to meet a client she’s been hired to guide, Sonja meets the former subjects of a fallen king said to haunt the mountains in the years since losing the war and his life to a savage tribe of mountain trolls. When the young girl she was hired to escort off the mountain is spirited away right before her eyes, Sonja follows, dragging along the town hag. In the crags above the village, she discovers the Hall of the Lonely King, where folk have disappeared to for years, never to return again. It’s here she meets the lonesome king, his spectral guard…and the flesh-eating enemies who feast on the King’s kidnapped subjects.

Classic Red Sonja Re-Mastered #1Classic Red Sonja Re-Mastered #1 Page 1Classic Red Sonja Re-Mastered #1 Page 2Classic Red Sonja Re-Mastered #1 Page 3Classic Red Sonja Re-Mastered #1 Page 4Classic Red Sonja Re-Mastered #1 Page 5

Classic Sword and Sorcery action! An all new series reprinting classic Red Sonja tales! First up is an incredible story (“The Ring of Ikribu” from Savage Sword of Conan) by the legendary Roy Thomas, joined by artist Esteban Maroto! Featuring a new cover image by the legendary Frank Brunner! Re-mastered in color for the first time ever!