Dynamite’s June 2010 Solicitations

Dynamite Entertainment posted their solicitations for the month of June. There are eight Red Sonja items:

Red Sonja #50
Red Sonja #50 Art Adams coverRed Sonja #50 Joseph Michael Linsner coverRed Sonja #50 Johnny Desjardins coverRed Sonja #50 Joe Jusko cover
Written by Arvid Nelson, Kevin McCarthy and Raven Gregory, art by Johnny D, Pablo Marcos and Joyce Chin, covers by Joseph Michael Linsner, Art Adams, Johnny Desjardins and Joe Jusko.

When Dynamite made the move to the Queen Sonja series, fans were left without their 50th anniversary issue! No More! In the vein of Marvel’s Thor #600 and Amazing Spider-Man #600 – featuring 100 pages of story and art, including new stories from Arvid Nelson, Kevin McCarthy, Raven Gregory as well as reprinting classic stories by Roy Thomas and all! Featuring 4 covers and a forward by Red Sonja writer Mike Carey!

The Art of Red Sonja Hardcover
The Art of Red Sonja Hardcover
Written by Chris Lawrence, art by various, cover by Marc Silvestri.

From the edge of her sword to the murky swamp below, this magnificent work of art captures every dramatic detail of the She-Devil with a Sword. This is a must have for both the fine art collector and the lover of sword and sorcery fantasy.

Over 35 years in the making! Featuring a look at every aspect of the she-devil with a sword — Red Sonja! From the Dynamite revival and back to the classic era of Roy Thomas and Marvel Comics, the Art of Red Sonja has it all! Bursting with incredible art by a veritable who’s who of talent: Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Frank Cho, Frank Brunner, Adam Hughes, Pablo Marcos, John Cassaday, Art Adams, Mel Rubi, Howard Chaykin and more!

Red Sonja “Re-Sized Edition” Michael Turner Statue
Red Sonja Michael Turner statue
The premiere $350.00 Michael Turner Red Sonja Statue sold out from Dynamite Select and is now a highly sought-after collector’s item. Now, fans and retailers should not miss this opportunity to add a piece of Red Sonja’s history to their collection – and what an amazing piece! Featuring the newly resized 3-D reproduction of Michael Turner’s cover to Red Sonja #1, this incredible statue stands 7.5″ tall, and 7″ wide and 6.5″ deep! Strictly limited, order yours today!

Queen Sonja #9
Queen Sonja #9 Lucio Parrillo coverQueen Sonja #9 Mel Rubi coverQueen Sonja #9 Jackson Herbert cover
Written by Arvid Nelson, art by Jackson Herbert, covers by Herbert, Mel Rubi and Lucio Parrillo.

The penultimate issue of Arvid Nelson’s thrilling Queen Sonja arc (featuring the incredible art of Jackson Herbert). Mysteries unravel and blood will be spilled!

Classic Red Sonja “Re-Mastered” #1
Classic Red Sonja #1
Written by Roy Thomas, art by Esteban Maroto, cover by Frank Brunner.

Classic Sword and Sorcery action! An all new series reprinting classic Red Sonja tales! First up is an incredible story (“The Ring of Ikribu” from Savage Sword of Conan) by the legendary Roy Thomas, joined by artist Esteban Maroto! Featuring a new cover image by the legendary Frank Brunner! Remastered in color for the first time ever!

Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5
Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #5
Written by Luke Lieberman, Ethan Ryker, art by Walter Geovani, covers by Lucio Parrillo.

Will Sonja, Thor and Gamble be able to take down both Loki and Odin, the All-Father? Find out in the senses-shattering conclusion of Wrath of the Gods!

Red Sonja Volume 8: Blood Dynasty Hardcover
Red Sonja Volume 8: Blood Dynasty Hardcover
Written by Brian Reed, art by Walter Geovani, cover by Paul Renaud.

Twenty winters have passed since last Sonja walked the land. However, now that she has returned, her new incarnation self has yet to learn the truth of her existence, or the reason for her miraculous rebirth… So begins the odyssey of the “Blood Dynasty (Red Sonja #41-49) by Brian Reed and Walter Gevoanni, reprinted here for the very first time in one massive collection! This ambitious story features Sonja as you’ve never seen her before, as the series takes a thrilling turn towards the mysterious, while maintaining a classic sense of adventure! Also features a complete cover gallery!

Red Sonja 5″ x 7″ J. Scott Campbell Fine Art Lithograph
Red Sonja J. Scott Campbell Fine Art Lithograph
Poised for action and bound for adventure, Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword has never appears as exciting as ever in this fine art litho presented by Dynamite Entertainment and fan fave artist, J. Scott Campbell, creator of Danger Girl. These limited edition lithographs are perfect for framing and demonstrate the strength of one of the most time-tested heroines in all of comics and fantasy fiction: Red Sonja!

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