Dynamite’s October 2009 Solicitations

Comics Continuum posted Dynamite Entertainment’s solicitations for the month of October. There are three Red Sonja items listed:

Queen Sonja #1
Queen Sonja #1
Written by Joshua Ortega, art by Mel Rubi, covers by Lucio Parrillo, Rubi and Jackson Herbert.

Red Sonja lives! Dynamite Entertainment presents a bold new direction for the mother of all warriors, Red Sonja! Sonja finds herself with more than she bargained for as she takes the throne of her homelands! This first issue also features bonus pages of Red Sonja material, including an all-new Red Sonja short story!

Red Sonja Vol. 7: Born Again Hardcover
Red Sonja Volume 7: Born Again HC
Written by Brian Reed, art by Walter Geovani, cover by Mel Rubi.

Everything you knew about Red Sonja and her world was forever changed when the She-Devil battled Kulan Gath to the death! Now, following her trip to Hades, the spirit of the She-Devil is reborn, though the world around her has forever changed! A perfect jumping on point for new readers!

Collects issues 35-40 of the ongoing series and features a complete cover gallery!

Note: Softcover will be released in 6 months

Savage Tales of Red Sonja Trade Paperback
Savage Tales of Red Sonja TPB
Written by Ron Marz, Christos Gage, Joshua Ortega, Michael Avon Oeming, J.T. Krul, Vito Selsante and Mike Leib, art by Adriano Batista, Joyce Chin, Walter Geovani, Lui Antonio, Diego Bernard, Stephen Sadowski, Pablo Marcos, Ron Adrian and Noah Salonga, cover by Arthur Suydam.

The greatest untold tales of Red Sonja and Hyboria are collected here for the very first time! Including materials from the Savage Tales comic book series, and other, previously uncollected Red Sonja stories, this massive collection features an incredible array of talent and thrilling adventure!

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