Red Sonja #44

Here’s an advance look at Red Sonja #44 on sale May 28.

Red Sonja #44 Fabiano Neves coverRed Sonja #44 Ron Adrian coverRed Sonja #44 Jackson Herbert coverRed Sonja #44 Page 1Red Sonja #44 Page 2Red Sonja #44 Page 3Red Sonja #44 Page 4Red Sonja #44 Page 5

The countdown to issue #50 continues as events once again swirl around Red Sonja and her very fate hangs in the balance! This issue: The adventures of Lucan Martur! We see Lucan, Verona, and their child on the road, questing for the Blood Dynasty. But as his hunt turns sour, he grows more and more desperate to get to the Blood Dynasty before Sonja, and makes a desperate move that continues to reveal his fiendish nature!

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