Red Sonja and Thor Preview?

I made a post yesterday mentioning a Sonja/Thor miniseries coming out in 2009 from Dynamite Entertainment. Well someone by the name of rafael0381 posted three penciled pages of a Red Sonja and Thor comic on photobucket, and they look like they could be actual pages from the miniseries releasing later this year. Dynamite’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Rybandt never said who would be illustrating the book but could rafael0381 be Carlos Rafael, an artist who did covers for a few issues of Red Sonja in the past? Check out the images and decide for yourself.
Red Sonja/Thor page 1Red Sonja/Thor page 2Red Sonja/Thor page 3
Red Sonja #37 Carlos Rafael coverRed Sonja #38 Carlos Rafael cover
Carlos Rafael’s covers for Red Sonja #37 and #38

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